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Belvue School, Northolt, London

Belvue is a secondary school for pupils with moderate or severe learning difficulties and a range of other additional needs including Acute Stress Disorder.

Our Landscape Architects, working with the Artist Peter Fink, were commissioned to renovate the play grounds and provide a safe but stimulating play space for children between the ages of 11-18 years old.  The Landscape Design was developed from the conceptual stage and progressed to detailed working drawings. Planning approval was required and achieved. The design team liaised closely with the school to ensure the childrens specific requirements and needs were met.
The design included:

  • A fitness playground.
  • A cycle track and bespoke cycle store.
  • A performance area and amphitheatre.
  • A sustainable drainage systeM
  • A permeable rubber crumb play surface with mounds and tunnels and colourful play paterns.
  • A Rubicon play net 6m high, with associated wooden climbing frames, scramble nets and rope bridges.
  • A long-jump pit/sand pit with removable cover.
  • Weldmesh security fencing.
  • An engineered hardwood timber retaining wall over 2m high.
  • Soft landscape.
  • Recycling of all excavated materials on site.